TermNet online lexical data systems is dedicated to providing lexical resources for online use. These lexical data systems may include online dictionary resources and various other software resources and tools intended for use by translators, editors, technical authors and professionals working in the field of technology and science.

At TermNet, we have developed various software and database tools for online use and as standalone desktop utilities.

These include:

Lexical corpora

Translation Memory tools

Terminology management and editing software

ASP scripts for online terminology database systems and portals

Links to various tools developed by Termnet

For more information on the services and resources provided by TermNet, please send an e-mail to: Graham P. Oxtoby, chief editor and linguistic software developer at TermNet.

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Glossary Maker 2.0

TMEdit (TM editor)
TermX Lite (terminology editor)
TermX Pro (terminology editor)
ASPLex (for more information, go here)

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Standard ASP scripts for corporate terminology management allow your employees to access and maintain terminology through an online portal. FACEBOOK-integrated for easier online access via social media. Send e-mail for more information. Log in as Guest on the sample portal here.